Local Governments: How to Buy Through GSA

State and local governments can purchase technology through the U.S. Federal Government using the General Services Administration (GSA) Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Does your government entity qualify? You can find out by visiting the please refer to the Cooperative Purchasing FAQs.

Using the U.S. government’s buying power, state and local governments can save money when state and local government’s procure security and law enforcement equipment.
GSA makes this possible through a program called Cooperative Purchasing. State and local governments are encouraged to place orders for Schedule 84. This Schedule has a nationwide network of industry partners, some of whom may be located in your state. By purchasing through local vendors you are able to keep your security spend within your state or local jurisdiction.

Who Sells to State and Local Governments?

Thousands of technology businesses sell to state and local governments. To find them, go to GSA eLibrary and choose Schedule 84 special item numbers (SINs) that say “Subject to Cooperative Purchasing.” Select the industry partners who display the “COOP PURCH” logo. These businesses have indicated that they sell to state and local governments.

For more information on state and local programs, visit www.gsa.gov/stateandlocal.