Government Jobs – Federal and Local Government Internships

Directory of Government Internship Opportunities in State and Local Government Agencies.

FEDERAL: Department of Interior Internship Opportunities – The Department of the Interior offers internship opportunities in its eight bureaus and in many areas of interest. Student programs offered include Office of the Secretary Fellows, DOI University Internships, Tribal Internship Program, Bureau of Land Management, Watershed Intern Program, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, Youth Conservation Corps, Office of Surface Mining, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
FEDERAL: Department of Justice Student Programs – Allows students the opportunity to gain experience directly related to their field of study. Unpaid and paid internships are offered.
FEDERAL: FBI Internship Programs – The FBI recruits undergraduate, graduate, experienced professionals and hires individuals with a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Offers a paid Honors Internship Program as well as a non-paid Volunteer Internship Program.
FEDERAL: FEMA Career Intern Program – The Federal Career Intern Program is a two year entry level program designed to recruit and attract exceptional individuals into a variety of occupations. The goal of this program is to employ and develop future FEMA leaders by recruiting and developing exceptional employees capable of assisting the Agency to achieve its mission, goals, and objectives. After completing the internship the interns may be non competitively converted to a permanent appointment.
FEDERAL: National Archives Internship Opportunities – Offers programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Ideal for students majoring in History, Political Science, Library & Information Science. There are also specific internship listings that may appeal to students who are majoring in Business, Computer Science, Education, Communications, Law, and Information Technology.
FEDERAL: USDA Internships and Scholarships – Student Internship Programs provide paid and unpaid work experience to students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in an accredited college or university. Internships can be seasonal or year round. In addition, scholarship programs, recent graduate programs, and fellowship programs are offered.
LOCAL: City Hall Fellows – Teach For America-style leadership training program that simultaneously serves as a mini-think tank for our partner local governments. Our primary initiative is a 12-month-long, post-college, pre-graduate school.
LOCAL: Government Management Internship – Eight-week program combines an unpaid, undergraduate internship with a class/seminar component.
POLICE: Baltimore County Police Department Internship Program – Available to university and college students who meet the requirement for participation. View internship expectation information.
POLICE: Chesterfield County (VA) Police Department Internship Program – Interested college students can experience the various aspects and responsibilities of law enforcement, crime analysis or human resources while completing a project as part of their studies. Offers three types of unpaid internship opportunities, including police intern, crime analysis intern and human resources intern.
POLICE: Delaware State Police Internship – Be assigned to various Troops and specialized sections throughout the division.
POLICE: Miami-Dade Police Department Student Internship Program – Opportunity to work with sworn officers and support staff doing real police work with the best equipment and technology the field has to offer, in a major metropolitan environment. Interns walk away with a diverse and unique experience that they can take with them into many different criminal justice careers. The Program is normally a 10 to 14 week program and students are assigned to 10 to 12 different entities during the duration of their internship.
POLICE: Nashville Police Department Internship Program – Offers students an opportunity to observe and work in various units of the police department such as Records Division, Identification Unit, Secondary Employment Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, Case Preparation Division etc. Internships are composed of both observations and administrative work. Students are not required to major in Criminal Justice.
POLICE: New York State Police Student Intern Program – Works through selected institutions of higher learning in New York State. Provides qualified undergraduate and graduate college students with the opportunity to intern in a Troop or at Division Headquarters. Typically 120-150 hours during the Spring and Fall semesters; internships are generally not available during the Summer semester.