Finding a federal government job is easy.  Getting the federal government job is a whole other process.  Below is a selection of books that may be of use in helping secure that federal job or explore a list books that focus on federal government resume assistance.

Cracking the Federal Job Code
Summary: If you’ve got what it takes to be a civil servant for the federal government, it can be frustrating to apply to positions and never get an interview.
You’re not alone: thousands of people apply to federal jobs without success, and many of them are experienced professionals just like you. The ones who get the jobs aren’t necessarily more qualified—they’ve just mastered the process.


The Book of U.S. Government Jobs: Where They Are, What’s Available, & How to Complete a Federal Resume
Summary: Clearly lays out everything a job seeker needs to locate, apply for, and land a lucrative federal job. The helpful information includes a special resume writing guide (federal-style resumes are different than a standard resume), tips on achieving higher ratings, and advice on getting your foot in the door. The abundant resources feature easy-to-follow checklists, an agency directory, skills index, and networking resources.


Federal Resume Guidebook: Strategies for Writing a Winning Federal Resume
Summary: The Hiring Reform Initiative has completely changed the federal hiring process. This book shows you writing methods to get best qualified, referred to a supervisor, interviewed, and hired! Effectively include KSAs in your resume with accomplishments. Maximize readability with the Outline Format federal resume. Analyze vacancy announcements for keywords. Master the Assessment Questionnaire. Format your USAJOBS federal resume for readability. Includes dozens of sample federal resumes in the Outline Format with KSAs!


How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job: Your Complete Guide to Opportunities, Internships, Resumes and Cover Letters, Networking, Interviews, Salaries, Promotions, and More!
Summary: How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job is the ultimate guide to securing a government job, internship, or fellowship. Written by a successful career coach who has climbed the federal career ladder herself and served as a hiring manager, the book steers applicants through every stage of their job searches–from finding unadvertised openings and getting interviews to sealing enviable deals and even get ting promoted.


Government Job Applications and Federal Resumes
Summary: Federal Resumes, Forms 171 and 612, KSAs and Postal Applications For many people, getting a government job can lead to job security and peace of mind. The problem is that getting a government job requires extensive and complex paperwork. People seeking a federal government job must submit paperwork which receives a numerical score based on the quality and content of their written submission. That numerical score then determines whether the individual gets one of the few interview spots. At last, there is a book which takes the mystery out of preparing federal government job applications. Finally there is a book which illustrates how to maximize one’s rating and how to increase the chances of obtaining an interview.


Ten Steps to a Federal Job
Summary: KSAs are now to be INCLUDED inside the resume. The third edition CD-ROM gives you 21 samples of KSAs included the Federal Resume. View before and after Federal Resumes with KSAs in the Resume based on Hiring Reform recommendations. Highly informative case studies include vacancy announcements, keywords, before and after (successful) federal resumes, and salary increases for each of these case studies.


Resumes for Government Careers
Summary: A strong resume can be the single most important factor in landing the right job. This practical, up-to-date guide identifies the essential ingredients of a successful resume for a career in government. It can help you write a concise, stylish, and easy-to-ready resume that will get noticed!


Military to Federal Career Guide
Summary: President Obama has created an Executive Order to help veterans start a career in the federal government. The President s Initiative on Employment for Veterans will make a difference for veterans transitioning to the federal government. BUT … Veterans STILL need a federal resume that will get them at least minimally qualified, and hopefully best qualified. Write a stellar federal resume and get hired into best jobs in America and throughout the world. Get critical resume tips on: how to add keywords to match your federal resume to a particular vacancy announcement; highlighting your accomplishments so that federal human resources specialists will notice them; and interpreting important sections of the vacancy announcement, such as HOW TO APPLY instructions. Includes short, easy-to-read, samples of Military to Federal Resumes in the Outline Format for USAJOBS, CPOL, DONHR, AVUE, Talentlink, and other federal resume builders.