Government Interview

What to do during a government interview?

The day has finally arrived. Today is your government interview for that dream job.

Here is a list of “reminders” to adhere to.

Arrive at the interview location well before the interview time (approx. 15 minutes early). This will show your punctuality, and moreover, will avoid last time rush. If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes, use that time by sitting in your car in the parking lot going over your interview notes one last time.

Develop good rapport with the interviewer by creating a positive impression in the first sight. When you enter the interview room, walk toward the interviewer with confidence, have direct eye contact and extend your hand for a handshake.

Be professional and well-mannered with the receptionist/security desk and interviewing officials. This behavior will highlight your pleasing personality and friendly nature.

While replying to any questions, please be positive and enthusiastic about the position. Be very concise (to the point) and clear to the question you have been asked and don’t be afraid to pause in the middle to recollect your thoughts.

Try using the STAR method/technique to answer behavioral interviews. Situation: Describe the situation, Task: Determine the tasks, Action: Detail your action, and Result: Explain the outcome of the action taken.

Be aware of how you are presenting yourself, especially non-verbally, as you may unknowingly walk by someone involved in the interviewing or hiring process.

Ask questions that highlight the fact that you have done more research about the organization.

Be assertive while responding to questions.

Be prepared with a short and brief speech how you think you are a good fit for the position and why do want to join and serve the government entity.

Please be active and listen to the interviewer carefully until he/she completes the question. Try to use descriptive examples when sharing your achievements and/or experiences.