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American City and County – For city, county and state officials who lead in developing and implementing government policy, programs and projects. Covering technology, public safety, public works, utilities, economic development, finance, housing, and procurement.
Council of State Governments: State Talk – The Council of State Governments (CSG) is a nonpartisan organization working to provide state leaders analysis on legislation and current public policy. CSG looks to facilitate innovation in state government and highlight examples of how public sector leaders are transforming the way state government serves their residents.
Governing: The States and Localities – Provides intelligence and analysis on public sector management, public policy and politics to help guide and municipal leaders across state and local government. Perfect for mayors, legislators, local council members, CIOs, policy advisers and other senior governmental officials.
Government Technology – Information technology solutions for state and local governments. From contracting strategies for IT systems and services to technology for monitoring, maintaining and improving roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, public utilities and other critical infrastructure.
CitiesSpeak – The official blog of The National League of Cities delivers top local government stories about advocacy activities, successful and innovative city programs, new research and career networking opportunities for local elected officials and city employees.
National Association of Counties News – The National Association of Counties (NACo) biweekly online newsletter sent to NACo members. The newsletter provides a quick overview of the latest NACo publications, grant opportunities, legislative information, upcoming educational webinars, training programs, and conferences.
Next American City – A nonprofit organization highlighting news about socially and environmentally sustainable economic growth in U.S. cities and providing realistic solutions about how to improve cities.
Stateline: State Policy and Politics – A news service of the Pew Center on the States. Reports and analyzes trends in state policy. Delivers insight into the important policy developments on a range of issues including the environment, education, healthcare, transportation and more.
StateTech: Tech for State and Local Government – Evaluate and implement technology to state and local governments work better and efficiently. Offers best practices, features, product reviews and case studies from the public sector.
Western City – A League of California Cities publication, Western City gives analyses of issues affecting local governance and provides practical ideas, information and bigger-picture policy issues and trends. Although the focus is on California municipalities, case studies and solutions have application outside of California.

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