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Safety focused Fire Fighting professional with more than 14 years of extensive experience and skills in working effectively in emergency situations. Highly equipped in managing a variety of firefighting activities to control and eliminate the fire, performing technical work to rescue trapped people, and providing pre-hospital first aid treatment. Possess huge knowledge NREMT emergency medical services EMT-B, EMT-I or EMT-P procedures and treatment approaches. Proficient in departmental policies, rules, and regulations as well as instructional materials related to firefighting and emergency treatment responses. Demonstrate mechanical aptitude as required in the operation and maintenance of firefighting and emergency response equipment and apparatus. Physically and mentally strong, able to work under stress and make sound decisions effectively even in dangerous situations. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, the community and other agencies.


FIREFIGHTER/EMT 05/2013 – Present
City of Lake Charles, LA

  • Maintaining a state of readiness for emergency response; operate, inspect, repair and perform other technical tasks related to the apparatus and equipment in the Fire Department.
  • Administering first-aid to injured or afflicted persons, spinal and cervical immobilization; stabilized patients for transport; performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Providing necessary first aid and life support as necessary; operated numerous types of rescue, emergency and fire suppression equipment as necessary.
  • Performing emergency medical duties as designated by state health and regulatory agencies for an Emergency Medical Technician.
  • Ensuring that appropriate conditions are maintained at assigned station; ensuring that all equipment and apparatus is in a constant state of readiness for emergency calls.
  • Conducting a thorough check and test of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and other equipment; performing minor maintenance on apparatus and equipment.
  • Participating in activities and operations in response to natural disasters, major accidents, incidents involving hazardous materials, and other emergency situations.
  • Preparing periodic accurate reports regarding activities and functions of the department as assigned including those related to reporting medical service provisions.
  • Developing and maintaining positive, effective working relationships with district employees, volunteers, reserves, district residents, other governmental agencies and the community.

FIREFIGHTER – PARAMEDIC 10/2011 – 05/2013
Baton Rouge Fire Department, LA

  • Responded to emergency calls related to fire suppression and emergency medical services and operations, and provided services including emergency rescue and hazardous materials operations.
  • Initiated and applied appropriate medical treatment including rescue, first aid and advanced life support according to standard and accepted protocol and the latest technology available.
  • Rescued people trapped in buildings by combating fire and using rescue equipment and provided first-aid before medical emergency services arrive.
  • Created ventilation openings in buildings to let in air for survivors; assisted paramedics in providing CPR and first aid services.
  • Assisted in operating nozzles and directing a stream of water on fire; operated a variety of firefighting equipment, and forcibly entered buildings during emergency situations.
  • Participated in the investigation of fire causes and the preservation of evidence when a fire is of suspicious origin as well as prepared reports and testified in court as to the findings.
  • Repaired firefighter and emergency response equipment and apparatus; inspected and tested equipment to ensure equipment is fully operational in a safe and effective manner.

New Orleans Fire Rescue Department, LA

  • Responded to fires and emergency alarms and assisted in those operations necessary to insure the confinement and extinguishment of fires or the elimination of other hazardous conditions.
  • Assisted in conducting residential, commercial, and industrial inspections to identify potential fire hazards and to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws, codes and ordinances.
  • Participated in proficiency training and study to develop, maintain, and expand job skills; studied Fire Department rules and regulations and attend drills, exercise, and staff conferences.
  • Operated hose nozzles and other fire extinguishing appliances in an efficient manner to reduce water or other damage as well as resuscitator and inhalator and administers first aid and CPR.
  • Assisted officers at the scene of a fire or other locale by delivery of messages, receiving reports and transmitting orders.

WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER 04/2007 – 08/2009
United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service, LA

  • Conducted regular maintenance and repairs on various equipment such as fire engines, tractors, mowers, chain saws, and hand tools.
  • Served as a crew member during fire break preparation which involves rock removal, mowing, trimming, tree and brush removal.
  • Assisted in conducting natural resources related project work on behalf of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s many refuges throughout the country.
  • Performed various other tasks such as thinning and pruning trees for watersheds and protection of wildlife, and maintain recreation sites, buildings, grounds, roads and equipment.
  • Handled forest maintenance and improvement tasks such as cutting brush, planting trees, building trails and marking timber.

FIRE CADET 08/2005 – 03/2007
City of Baton Rouge, LA

  • Assisted Paramedics with medical treatment including medication, fluid administration, intubation, electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring, defibrillation and external pacemaker.
  • Performed custodial duties at the station; cleans and maintains Fire Station facilities and equipment; inspects fire equipment for necessary repairs.
  • Operated apparatus, including fire engines, ladder trucks and brush units safely, efficiently and in accordance with the District’s rules, policies, procedures and Standard Operating Guidelines.
  • Followed instructions and orders from superior officers in action, maintenance and training situation.

FIRE ALARM TECHNICIAN 08/2004 – 08/2005
Wilkinson Fire Alarm System Inc., LA

  • Created an ideal fire alarm position map for a particular building and presenting it to the client.
  • Investigated the positions of the alarms that have been fixed in the buildings by studying their blueprints.
  • Examined problematic fire alarms and their constituents for determining needful repairs and ensured their proper condition to avoid delay during emergency situations.
  • Installed and inspected of sprinkler systems, alarms, fire tubes, and pumps; assisted in formulating specific plans and designs for different alarm systems as per the client’s needs.

C & S Safety Systems of Louisiana, LLC, LA

  • Combated and extinguished fires by rapidly and efficiently performing varied duties as required under emergency conditions, frequently involving considerable hazards.
  • Controlled commercial, structural, and chemical fires with the help of fire control power tools and apparatus and by using various overhaul and salvaging techniques.
  • Performed rescue/extrication operations where necessary to prevent loss of life or further injury, from any cause.
  • Attended instruction classes, training sessions and drills; studied local conditions and factors affecting fire operations.


Bachelor Degree in Associate’s Degree in Fire Science
Loyola University, New Orleans, LA
1999 – 2002

Diploma in Fire Alarm Design & Maintenance
National Technical Institute of Fire Alarming Systems, Baton Rouge, LA
1997 – 1999


EMT License, 2004
CPR Certificate (American Red Cross), 2004
Valid Louisiana Driver’s License, 2002
Fire Ground Safety Officer, 2003


Active Member, International Association of Fire Fighters
Active Member, International Association of Black Professional Firefighters


National Firefighter of the Year 2006
Firefighter Heroism Award 2004