city management

City Manager Jobs: A Career in Government

Some of the most interesting jobs in today’s world involve working in city and county government. Despite budget shortfalls and struggling job markets, more people are accepting the challenge of running towns and cities. With long hours and much stress at times, the opportunity to shape the area in which you live is a great source of satisfaction to those sitting in city hall.

Job Titles in Government

Some of the common job titles in city and county government include city manager, deputy city manager, county administrator, city administrator and county manager. These jobs have very similar duties, but the roles increase or decrease depending upon the area being managed. The biggest cities and smallest towns all need managers and administrators to help them run smoothly, making sure essential services are maintained while also dealing with any unexpected issues that may arise.

City Manager Duties

No matter the size of the municipality, all city management personnel are appointed by local governing bodies. A city administrator is usually appointed by city council, while a county administrator or county manager is appointed by a board of supervisors. The day-to-day tasks of these jobs are similar in nature, with the main tasks being to oversee employees, develop and maintain a city or county budget and represent the area at various functions. Much of the job involves working with the heads of various departments to improve services, decide on a budget for the department and listen to the concerns of employees. Some of the departments city managers work with include fire, police, recreation, transportation, water and sewer and many more.

Required Education

Most administrators attend college and graduate with Bachelor’s degrees in City Administration or Business Management. Many have Master’s degrees in Public Administration or Business Management, and the educational requirements can vary depending upon the size of the town or city and the duties involved with the job. Many graduates begin with obtaining deputy city manager jobs, allowing them to gain experience in the field. From these deputy city manager jobs, they can advance to city administrator jobs after a few years on the job. Salaries for these administrative jobs are quite good, with average salaries approaching almost $100,000 annually. However, relocation is often required in order to advance in this field.

For those who want to make a difference where they live and be a part of local government, city and county administration positions allow all that and much more.