Government Salary and Benefits Request Letter By ____________


Salary: ____________ base, with annual review.

Performance Evaluation: Annually, prior to adoption of annual operating budget.

Deferred Compensation: City to contribute 10% of annual salary to the ICMA Retirement Corporation.

Sick Leave: Credit two year 1s normal accumulation of sick leave at the time of appointment.

Health Insurance: Equal to the coverage provided other City employees with the City paying total premium cost for family coverage.

Term Life Insurance: Death benefit to equal twice the annual salary.

Disability Insurance: Coverage to be 75% of income beginning 90 days after disability.

Automobile: Provide a car with exclusive and unrestricted use or an allowance of per month.

Vacation Leave: Credit two weeks vacation at the time of appointment. Grant four weeks vacation per year regardless of length of service.

International City Management Association, American Society for Public Administration, Municipal Finance Officers Association, City Management Association, League of Municipalities; Plus membership to civic and service organizations deemed desirable by the City.

Educational Conferences: Annual International City Management Association Conferences plus other conferences and/or educational seminars beneficial.

General Expenses: Reimburse business and social expenses incurred at activities when representing the City.

Severance Pay: Payment equal to six months aggregate salary if terminated.

Moving Expenses: Payment of all moving, affiliated packing and unpacking, and insurance expenses as well as storage,if necessary.

Home Sale and Purchase: Reimbursement for direct closing costs and realtor commissions. Does not include finance charges,utility service and installation charges and insurance premiums. Advance equity in present home to be used to purchase new home. The advance to be repaid at time of sale. Assist in obtaining a favorable mortgage rate.