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Safety-oriented and rescue-focused Fire Fighting professional having more than 18 years of public and private safety experience in the planning, organizing and administration of all fire department operations. Possesses huge knowledge in fire administration, public relations, equipment management, budget management, and the enforcement of regulations, policies and procedures related to fire suppression, investigation and prevention, hazardous material response, rescue and emergency services. Highly competent in assessing and eliminating risks and hazards through effective recommendations in executing corrective action plans, analyzing accident & injury, formulating policies & providing safety manuals and employee instructions. Well-equipped leadership and analytical skills as evidenced by ability to continuously improve fire/rescue operations and emergency medical services. Astute interpersonal skills interface effectively with volunteer firefighters, municipal leaders, community members, key municipal stakeholders, union & non-union staff, and the general public.


City of Louisville, Kentucky
02/2009 – Present
  • Directing activities of Fire Division within the Public Safety Department including all fire suppression, fire prevention, code enforcement, emergency medical services, and related functions and activities.
  • Training and motivating firefighting personnel as well as supervising firefighters engaged in operation and maintenance of fire stations equipment.
  • Evaluating fire prevention & fire control policies by keeping abreast of new techniques conducting studies of departmental operations, and coordinated mutual fire protection plans with neighboring municipalities.
  • Supporting the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety by conducting a variety of organizational studies, and investigations and recommending modifications to fire programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Consulting with officials and community groups related to public relations campaigns for applying necessary changes in laws and policies to encourage fire prevention.
  • Coordinating and assisting in the City’s emergency disasters mitigation and civil defense plan by managing the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and collaborating with other agencies that share the technologies and workspace within the joint operations.
  • Maintaining sufficient knowledge of new trends in the field of fire science and emergency medical services and supervising the development of new fire mutual aid and automatic agreements & procedures.
City of Franklin, Kentucky
03/2007 – 01/2009
  • Managed the Franklin County fire team of over 25 firefighters and trained them to face the emergency situations with courage; designed and implemented mutual assistance programs while efficiently collaborating with the surrounding fire departments.
  • Supervised the activities of the fire battalions in the delivery of fire suppression, rescue, hazardous materials and emergency medical services (EMS) operations and the planning and implementation of Training Division operations.
  • Established modern rescue techniques and precepts for improving the fire prevention and suppression procedures as well as assisted the Fire Chief in planning and executing apparatus maintenance procedures, community relations and fire training programs.
  • Invented and executed the county’s emergency medical services program which has been set an effective model by various California fire departments.
  • Aided the Fire Chief in formulating, developing, and implementing different phases of the fire safety operation; authorized advanced life support emergency ambulance service for Franklin county and surrounding areas.
Clark County Fire Department
Winchester, Kentucky
12/2002 – 03/2007
  • Oversaw the plan review section of the fire prevention division which includes all life and property protection systems as well as supervised new system inspections after successful installation.
  • Established standards and design manuals and assumed the role of fire marshal managing the Fire Prevention Division with 19 personnel and operating budget in excess of $1.7M.
  • Directed all subordinates to master vital skills and service delivery while contributing to a multifaceted team of 21 engine companies and 6 truck companies in response to community needs.
  • Scheduled and supervised the work activities of employees, including fire lieutenants, firefighters and fire inspectors; prepared electronic and written reports on firefighting operations at specific stations.
  • Accomplished public requests for information regarding EMS and fire prevention, and maintained emergency and non-emergency fire response records on a regular basis.
Campbellsville/Taylor Co. Fire Department
Campbellsville, Kentucky
05/1999 – 11/2002
  • Supported the Fire Chief and Command Staff as liaison between city departments, city manager office, city council representative and outside agencies, and conducted training sessions for educating the firefighters about fire safety and fire control.
  • Assisted in the preparation and administration of the fire department budget while directing budget monitoring system and providing policy direction operating procedures regarding expenditures.
  • Inspected and generated report for Fire chief to review and approve new projects for fire safety adherence; demonstrated the fire investigation, fire prevention and inspection programs to fire team by using various fire rescue tools and equipment.
  • Investigated fire, rescue, EMS and hazardous materials incidents while supervising a light force and paramedic rescue and conducting fire prevention inspections and pre-plan commercial occupancies.
  • Partnered with Emergency Management Agency directors during natural disasters and multi-jurisdictional emergencies to ensure that the needs of the community and personnel safety were maintained.
  • Established and continuously revised administrative policies and departmental standard operating guidelines to foster a safe and quasi National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant environment.
  • Assisted the Fire Chief in the establishment of policies and procedures for the Department in order to implement directives from the City Manager and City Council.
Madison County Fire Department
Richmond, Kentucky
01/1996 – 04/1999
  • Performed inspections of facilities for violation of fire prevention regulations and for fire hazards and deficiencies as well as administered first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to crash victims.
  • Participated in demonstrations of fire prevention, firefighting and crash rescue techniques and equipment for both structural and aircraft/munitions fire hazards.
  • Hired volunteer firefighters and educated them on hazardous materials, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques; conducted special training classes on arson investigations and building inspections.
  • Developed safety plans covering fire prevention, the security environment for both employees and residents and the possibility of a disaster.
  • Operated and maintained firefighting and crash rescue equipment such as a twin agent crash truck, tankers, rescue vehicles, and quick response vehicles.
  • Performed inspections of facilities for violation of fire prevention regulations and for fire hazards and deficiencies.
Lexington Fire & Emergency Services
Lexington, Kentucky
02/1994 – 12/1995
  • Created and maintained a training matrix system showing all mandatory, specialized, optional and miscellaneous training; planned, scheduled and conducted training drills appropriate for fire fighters.
  • Trained fire fighters in ventilation, hydraulics, pumper operation and aerial ladder operation; coordinated special training courses with the Training Officer, safety training organizations and external consultants.
  • Initiated training programs in using and maintaining firefighting equipment, apparatus, fire streams and developing ad-hoc knots and hitches as well as provided adequate training on first aid, CPR and SCBA drills, live fire training, foam application, and tank fires.
  • Provided training to Emergency Response Team (ERT) on firefighting tactics and skills while maintaining a system to identify and publish at least one training bulletin every month.
  • Prepared instruction aids, training manuals and Department bulletins as well as maintained training progress records for the members of the Department.


Bachelor of Science – Fire Protection Administration

Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond, KY
1990 – 1993

Associate Degree in Fire Service Administration

Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville, KY
1989 – 1990


  • Certified Fire Officer I, II, III
  • Fire Instructor I and I certification
  • Certified Hazardous material handler
  • Certificate in Safety Management
  • Fire Suppression Systems Inspector



  • Board Member, International Association of Fire-fighters
  • Active Volunteer & Donor, Kentucky Center for African American Heritage
  • Former Vice President, Association for Fire-fighters & Paramedics



  • Valor Award for Bravery – Presented for the rescue of a woman and child during a fire accident
  • Chief Officer of the Year – Awarded by Madison Co. Fire Department
  • Volunteer Fire-fighter of the Year – Awarded by Lexington Fire & Emergency Services.