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Resourceful and well-established County Attorney with 18 years of extensive experience in criminal and civil laws and advanced knowledge of the powers, limitations and authority of the County Attorney. Thorough understanding of litigation proceedings including rules of civil procedures, rules of evidence, rules of criminal procedure, rules of juvenile procedure, and the criminal code. Highly skillful and equipped in trial advocacy, search warrant and investigation review, charging decisions, motions practice and hearings, pre-trial negotiations, non-jury and jury trials, and appeals. Extremely competent of presenting complex trials and statements of fact logically in written and verbal form, and decision-making in adversarial circumstances. Proven ability to interpret laws, regulations, local codes and legal documents. Demonstrates mature judgement and discretion qualities while effectively directing support staff and non-professional staff members.


COUNTY ATTORNEY 08/2012 – Present
City of Schaumburg, Illinois
Schaumburg, IL

  • Represent the State of Illinois in prosecuting felony criminal cases and misdemeanor civil cases and removing children from abusive households.
  • Formulate and implement short-term and long-term plans to improve the efficiency of the disciplinary enforcement system.
  • Develop annual audit program plans and timelines that incorporate identified Audit Committee and City Council priorities.
  • Guide Board of Trustees and Discipline System Oversight Committee on legal issues involving criminal prosecutions in Illinois County.
  • Attend county meetings and lend advice while participating in trial work by negotiating case dispositions, meeting with judges, attorneys, officers, and interviewing witnesses.
  • Provide appropriate solutions to legal or quasi-legal problems including personnel and FOI issues and prepared the Criminal Division budget.

Fayette County, Illinois
Vandalia, IL

  • Interviewed witnesses and reviewed internal documents to investigate allegations made in lawsuits and prepare for defending lawsuits.
  • Wrote County policies and procedures for CEO, Board of Commissioners or assigned department head under the direct guidance of County Attorney.
  • Administered district attorneys, investigators, secretaries and support staff of the Investigations Bureau and Criminal Division.
  • Attended meetings of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners and provided advice and counsel regarding the legal matters.
  • Assisted the County Attorney in matters of office administration including the development, implementation, and enforcement of office policies and procedures.

DuPage County, Illinois
Wheaton, IL

  • Managed involuntary commitment process and proceedings, including hearings and pleadings under the supervision of County Attorney.
  • Directed and coordinated investigations conducted by the bureau and advised the County Attorney on all legal proceedings.
  • Represented County in all state and federal courts and evaluated strategies for handling settlement negotiations.
  • Prepared pleadings, proposed ordinances and discovery documents while appearing in the District Court on behalf of the County
  • Rendered legal advice to CEO and department heads concerning federal and state laws, and offers solutions to legal issues.

Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office
Mt Vernon, IL

  • Conducted legal and legislative research and prepared memoranda of law, and reports on legal matters pertaining to District Attorney’s Office.
  • Advised county agencies, authorities, commissions, and elected and appointed officials on legal requirements for records retention.
  • Handled miscellaneous litigation, administrative hearings, and quasi-judicial hearings under the direction of the County Attorney.
  • Participated in legal training seminars and reviewed legal publications to stay informed of new trends.

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office
Chicago, IL

  • Directed the financial programs and supporting information systems of the company, including budgeting, receipt of revenue, expenditure of funds, and conservation of assets.
  • Oversaw the approval and processing of revenue, expenditure and position control documents, department budgets, and the maintenance of accounts and ledgers.
  • Controlled salary payments to staff, including national insurance and tax liabilities, reconciling the same and monitoring medical expenses, subsistence allowances, and mobile phone usage.
  • Monitored the petty cash and bank balances to ensure sufficient funds are always available depending on the programme needs.
  • Provided strategic consultation to management on financial issues, to include financial analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation, and revenue and expense analysis.


Juris Doctorate in Law
University of Chicago Law School
Chicago, IL
2001– 2003

Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Loyola University School of Law
Chicago, IL
1996 – 1998

Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies
DePaul University
Chicago, IL
1992 – 1995


  • Active member of Illinois Bar Association
  • Illinois District and County Attorneys Association
  • Q-Law (Judicial Evaluation Committee member)