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Highly determined and conscientious Code Enforcement Officer with significant experience in handling a full range of municipal code enforcement and compliance duties, and enforcing pertinent codes and ordinances with impartiality and efficiency. Deep familiarity with civil and administrative legal notice requirements and court procedures along with State and Federal regulations relating to grant funding and administration. Considerable knowledge and thorough understanding of locally-adopted ordinances, principles and practices of code enforcement and site inspections. Expertise in investigating complaints and mediating resolutions in a timely and tactful manner, and identifying violations of applicable codes and ordinances. Skilled in writing technical evaluation reports on building plans or inspections. Huge efficiency in assessing critical situations, solving problems, and working effectively within deadlines, and changing work priorities. Extremely capable of demonstrating good judgment, resourcefulness and self-initiative traits when dealing with property owners, contract vendors, the public and municipal officials.


City of Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida

  • Conducting case reviews for City Council inquiries regarding zoning, land use complaints, vehicle abatement, mobile park enforcement programs and other public nuisance code violations.
  • Directing the field operation of the Code Enforcement Division and supervising the tasks assigned to code enforcement officers while assessing the inspection reports.
  • Patrolling assigned area in a City vehicle to identify and evaluate problem areas and ordinance violations and determining effective method to resolve violations.
  • Educating community on City standards in the area of housing, zoning, health & safety and maintaining accurate records of inspections and actions taken.
  • Assisting in the development of divisional budget by managing various state and federal grants and ensuring allocated grants are properly utilized.
  • Notifying property owners of violations regarding City codes and ordinances and recommending corrective actions to control the breach considerably.

City of Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida

  • Inspected residential and commercial property to ensure housing and property maintenance code compliance with applicable Zoning and Code of Ordinance regulations.
  • Issued contract work orders for abatement services as needed and conducted neighborhood assessments and surveys to determine overall residential condition.
  • Prepared Code Enforcement budget by coordinating with Selectmen and Town Administrator to finalize budget and presented at Town Meeting.
  • Coordinated with the Zoning Administrator and Law Enforcement Control on all zoning related matters/complaints, specifically on zoning compliance permit.
  • Enforced a variety of codes and ordinances by intimating property owners, issuing warnings and correction notices following established methods of progressive action.
  • Documented the facts and procedures of code violation incidents, using standardized written reports of findings and photographs when appropriate.

ZONING INSPECTOR 10/2009 – 09/2011
Miami-Dade County, Florida
Miami, Florida

  • Provided guidance regarding property maintenance codes, permit processes, and related functions to the public, property owners, and municipal officials.
  • Enforced compliance with (Borough) regulations and ordinances including those pertaining to building codes, health & safety and matters of public concern.
  • Prepared a variety of written reports, memos, and correspondence related to enforcement activities and maintained accurate case files on all investigations.
  • Interviewed complainant and witnesses and responded to citizen and agency complaints on alleged violations of City zoning and related municipal codes.
  • Participated in the implementation of the City’s Graffiti Abatement program and notified the City’s Graffiti Abatement Office for vandalism clean-up.

BUILDING INSPECTOR II 04/2007 – 09/2009
City of Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

  • Inspected existing buildings and premises for change of use and coordinated with the public to ensure structures are safe and ready for occupancy.
  • Examined building plans, specifications, and evaluated technical reports to ensure compliance with the Jacksonville Building Code, related regulations and bylaws.
  • Responded to inquiries from the public and contractors regarding codes and other issues with projects at the public counter and over the phone.
  • Witnessed and interpreted tests such as smoke control and fire alarm systems to evaluate as to compliance with regulations.
  • Supervised and guided Community Standard Inspectors relating to property maintenance, rental licensing, and various inspection activities.

BUILDING INSPECTOR 01/2005 – 03/2007
Miami-Dade County Planning and Building Dept, Florida
Miami, Florida

  • Enforced a wide variety of County codes pertaining to zoning, land use, nuisances and related issues by responding to public complaints.
  • Verified building structures are constructed as per approved plans and specifications and issued certificate of occupancy for buildings. 
  • Approved building plans and permits and examined building during the course of construction/alteration to determine conformity with approved plans.
  • Represented the Building Department as a professional witness in court and special hearings and attended appeal hearings of Miami Standards County.
  • Maintained written records of inspections, including code violations cited, date of inspection and appropriate action taken.

SITE ENGINEER 07/2001 – 12/2005
Thornton Construction Company, Inc.
Miami, Florida

  • Performed structural design and analysis calculations for new construction project using governing codes and standards.
  • Developed cost estimates for the projects within the department and procured building materials from the authorized suppliers.
  • Ensured construction is done per plans and specifications by coordinating with the Quality Assurance (QA) and Functional Checkout (FCO) groups.


Master’s Degree in Construction Technology
Florida International University
Miami, FL
1998 – 2000

Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
Barry University
Miami, FL
1994 – 1997


  • ICC Certification – Building Inspector
  • Active IRC Residential Certification


  • Active Member, Florida Association of Code Enforcement Officers
  • Acting Chairperson, Code Enforcement and Zoning Officials Association
  • Former Board Member, American Association of Code Enforcement