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Accomplished and multi-talented City Engineer with more than 15 years of significant experience in planning, scheduling and administering public works services complemented with offering maintenance support to municipal utility systems. Possess expertise knowledge municipal management, budgeting, city ordinance development and implementation, regulatory compliance, building code and utility construction standards and inspections. Extremely skilled in constructing, maintaining and renovating public works infrastructure including street and related traffic systems, storm water management and sanitary sewer. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with internal employees, members of City Council, civil engineer, contractors, boards, consultants, subordinate staffs and the public. Highly proficient in MS Office software (word processing and spreadsheets), computer aided-design software, standard drafting tools, surveying equipment and traffic counting equipment. Possess strong interpersonal, negotiating and communication skills coupled with a proven track record of creating a work culture that rewards teamwork and cooperation.


City of Birmingham, Alabama
06/2011 – Present
  • Design and prepare plans and specifications for public works projects including pumping stations, streets, storm drains, sewer lines, and related projects; research project design requirements; perform calculations and prepare estimates of time and material costs.
  • Strategize plans for the City’s transportation network including vehicular, pedestrian and alternative transportation systems; prepare ALDOT Bridge Inventory reports and recommended maintenance, repairs and replacement of bridges and culverts.
  • Develop and administer the Engineering Division budget and related capital budgets including operating, capital and emergency expenditures; prepare front-end bids documents, drawings, specifications and cost estimates for procurement of public sector materials and tools.
  • Collaborate with other City departments to provide long-range strategic planning for the maintenance, repair, renovation of City buildings and facilities.
  • Investigate field problems affecting property owners, contractors, and maintenance operations; resolve problems or refer as appropriate; coordinate or perform field work associated with infrastructure projects.
  • Represent the City and Department to federal and state agencies and other jurisdictions to advocate City policies regarding engineering issues including exchanging knowledge and resolving conflicts.
City of Montgomery, Alabama
12/2008 – 05/2011
  • Planned and created master plans for the City’s utilities as well as support in implementing those plans through the City’s capital programs consistent with the master plans.
  • Supervised the engineering staff including development of work plans, assignments, schedules, employee selection, training, performance evaluation and discipline.
  • Developed the development of designs, plans and specifications for civil engineering projects including streets, water, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and sidewalks of the city public works facilities.
  • Advised City Council, Planning Commission, Public Utilities Commission and other City boards and commissions as well as implemented local, state or federal planning, transportation and utility grants.
  • Served as construction inspector to ensure compliance on City projects, subdivisions, and encroachments, and develop revised design and construction standards for public works structures and appurtenances.
  • Participated in the plan check, review, and processing of plans for private developments affecting City streets, drains and related public works facilities and assure compliance with appropriate codes, ordinances, rules and regulations.
City of Montgomery, Alabama
10/2005 – 11/2008
  • Supervised professional engineering work in the design and construction of streets, sidewalks, water and sewage facilities, drainage structures, airport facilities, park or recreation facilities, and other public works.
  • Approved and signed plans and maps for Public Works improvement projects, under the direction of the Director of Public Works; coordinated engineering activities and field service programs with other City departments and divisions and with outside agencies.
  • Developed and prioritized division work plans and budgets by understanding, representing and supporting the Division’s, Department’s and City goals and objectives and by providing work unit resources.
  • Managed supervisors and staff responsible for the coordination and development of the multiple programs, and the design and construction of municipal infrastructure by the City and the development community.
City of Huntsville, Alabama
05/2003 – 09/2005
  • Designed and prepared plans, specifications, and estimates for capital improvement projects including: sewer, storm drain, water, street improvements, traffic signals, public works facilities and building structures.
  • Supervised, trained, and evaluated assigned staff, such as assigning work, performing performance evaluations, assisting in personnel actions, supervising project progress, and providing technical assistance.
  • Ensured pre-design work is completed including utility locations, existing site conditions, surveys, and topographical work and soils investigations.
  • Reviewed progress and/or inspects assigned construction projects for compliance with plans and specifications, including resolving constructability problems and issues.
  • Monitored and implemented activities necessary to meet FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS) recertification requirements as well as coordinated with the City’s website administrator to update the public works website.
Garber Construction Company, Huntsville, Alabama
08/1998 – 06/2000
  • Prepared plans, specifications, and cost estimates of various capital improvement projects (CIP); obtained all required permits and approvals; and assisted in project advertisements and bid selections.
  • Attended various internal and external meetings regarding engineering topics or issues and respond to questions and inquiries from various individuals, groups, organizations or companies regarding a wide range of engineering topics and issues.
  • Researched the current storm water management plan to ensure standards adherence; and ensured all required documents, agreements, easements, vacations, access and dedications are executed and properly documented.


Master Degree in Construction Management
Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
1995 – 1997

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
1991 – 1994


  • Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector
  • Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Alabama


  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Member, International Civil Society Centre