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Highly qualified and accomplished Legal Professional offering more than 20 years of experience specifically in the areas of environmental regulation and compliance, employment law, taxation law, bankruptcy and construction contracts. Expert knowledge of Municipal Law, Government Contract Law, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Federal Employment Law, Administrative Procedures Act, Credit Facilities, and Cost Principles and Financing. Possess excellent background in contract review and preparation, notary documentation, regulatory filings. Highly skilled in drafting legal negotiating finance-related activities for complex domestic and international business transactions. Able to manage all legal cases independently from answer to trial and will always passionately argue on behalf of clients.


City of Wichita
Wichita, Kansas
03/2011 – Present
  • Supervise and manage the day-to-day operations of a multi-practice law office, including determinations for the appropriate outsourcing of legal work as well as render oral and written legal opinions to the Mayor and Council, City Manager, Department Directors and other City staff.
  • Provide legal opinions and advice on ethics, open meetings act requirements and parliamentary processes of the City Council, and contemplate actions of City Council and City Manager, and potential legislation under consideration by City Council.
  • Coordinate claims and litigation for suits against the City; especially in property damage or Worker’s Compensation matters by coordinating with outside counsel, drafting pleadings, and preparing for court.
  • Represent the City in administrative hearings before City boards and commissions, and state and federal agencies including civil litigation matters and dispute resolutions and responded to inquiries by City Council and City Manager regarding legal ramifications of pending litigation.
  • Review and research Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances and court decisions; prepare interpretations and legal opinions for City departments, governing boards or officials.
  • Attend City Council meetings, committee meetings, public hearings, and City Manager staff meetings to provide legal advice on parliamentary procedure, on proposed courses of action or policy questions.
City of Wichita
Wichita, Kansas
05/2008 – 02/2011
  • Prosecuted all ordinance violation cases including traffic, housing, building, and fire code violations as well as interviewed witnesses, victims, attorneys and law enforcement officers, and presents arguments in court.
  • Advised the City Council, the City Manager and departments of new or proposed state or federal legislation, legal conditions and current or future legal trends affecting City operations.
  • Appeared against accused in court of law and presented evidence before the court jury; conferred with defense attorneys and witnesses in disputed cases and negotiated plea agreements.
  • Assisted the City Prosecutor in planning, developing and implementing policies and procedures and the coordination and supervision of the Assistant City Prosecutors.
  • Prepared legal documents involving jury trials, condemnation cases, and sales and use tax cases, and attended meetings of departmental officials, employees, and advisory boards to advice on legal questions.
City of Topeka
Topeka, Kansas
12/2004 – 04/2008
  • Directed all legal aspects of the City’s day-to-day operations including public meetings, elections, city council resolutions and ordinances, litigation, contract negotiation, employment matters, and legal research.
  • Advised and counseled City officials and agencies regarding land use, zoning, real estate development & municipal law as well as negotiated contracts, ordinances, leases, deeds and licenses, and other legal documents and defends claims arising from those matters.
  • Drafted legal criteria to help municipal counsel advice clients on asset backed securities as well as reviewed legal opinions from outside counsel and delivered comprehensive presentations.
  • Negotiated administrative hearings and complex cases for trial, developed civil discovery documents, and represented the City in those proceedings as well as corresponding appellate briefing and argument.
  • Prepared legal responses, pleadings, memoranda, ordinances, resolutions, city and departmental policies, contracts, real estate documents, and litigation documents to be filed in judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings.
Sedgwick County
Wichita, Kansas
01/2001 – 11/2004
  • Assisted the district attorney in preparing or trying criminal or quasi-criminal cases and in administrative matters as requested.
  • Interviewed persons having pertinent information and conducts investigations to gather information necessary for criminal actions.
  • Rendered legal advice and services with respect to questions, regulations, practices, and other matters falling within the purview of a Federal Government agency.
  • Presented cases to and questions witnesses before grand jury; prepared criminal indictments and subpoenas witnesses as directed by the grand jury.
  • Attended all Council meetings, executive sessions and work sessions to act as legal advisor and to ensure compliance with laws, rules, and regulations; prepared speaking presentations and participated in discussions.
Topeka Municipal Court, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas
11/1999 – 01/2001
  • Managed the operation of the courtroom during dockets and trial proceedings; analyzed complex issues that arose during civil and criminal trials and motions hearings.
  • Researched merits of pre-trial, dispositive, and post-trial motions filed with the Court; advised judge on each case to ensure timely disposition of pending motions; drafted judicial orders and opinions;
  • Maintained the Judge’s day by day schedule and responded to inquiries as well as provided valuable data pertaining to a lost case to the reporting attorney, thereby ensuring re-evaluation of hearings.
  • Reviewed pleadings and petitions for compliance and filed them with the court and proper parties, and prepared documents based upon facts of case interpretations of law and compliance with federal standards.
Wichita Judicial Branch
Wichita, Kansas
03/1993 – 02/1996
  • Prepared and processed subpoenas, affidavits, and documents related to legal proceedings and transactions to defend Wichita City in a variety of torts cases including issues such as dog bites and trip and falls.
  • Investigated facts and law & calling upon witnesses to testify at hearing; reviewed and analyzed large volumes of documentary evidence.
  • Reviewed legal publications and performed database searches to identify laws and court decisions relevant to pending cases; maintained files in accordance with state and federal documentation laws.


Juris Doctorate (Cum Laude)
University of Kansas School of Law – Lawrence, KS
1990 – 1992

Bachelor’s Degree in Law
Wichita State University – Wichita, KS
1986 – 1989


  • State Bar of Kansas
  • International Bar Association


  • Member of the Bar, State of Kansas
  • Association for Domestic Conflict Resolution, Member
  • Consumer Advocate Association, Member