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Talented and safety-oriented Building Inspector specialized in building inspection and plan review work combined with thorough knowledge of various codes for both building and health and safety issues and other related ordinances and regulations. Competent in applying technical knowledge and follow proper inspection techniques to examine workmanship and materials, and detect deviations from plans, regulations and standard construction practices. Ability to inspect and identify violations of regulations governing signs, building occupancy, building sites, and related matters to ensure compliance. Adept in recognizing faulty construction or hazardous conditions pertaining to building construction and structural stability of buildings through review of plans or on-site inspections. Possess considerable knowledge of the standard methods, techniques, materials, tools and equipment employed in the building construction trades with emphasis on extensive experience involving large commercial projects. Proficient in writing technical evaluation reports on building plans or inspections as to compliance of code and other regulations. Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with developers, contractors, architects, engineers, and City staff.


City of Raleigh, NC

  • Inspect existing buildings and premises for change of use, occupancy or compliance with applicable codes and ordinances; work with the public to ensure structures are safe and ready for occupancy.
  • Examine building plans, specifications, and evaluates technical reports to ensure compliance with the North Carolina Building Code, regulations and bylaws, issues required permits.
  • Approve building plans and signs permits as to ensure conformance with building code regulations; witnessed and interpreted tests such as smoke control, fire alarm systems, etc. to evaluate as to compliance with regulations.
  • Investigate complaints to determine general condition and compliance of dwellings, premises, non-dwelling structures and vacant lands with Building Codes.
  • Enforce regulations on projects requiring building and related permits for new construction, additions, and alternations to existing buildings in an assigned district.
  • Respond to inquiries from the public and contractors regarding codes and other issues with projects, both over the phone and at the public counter.

BUILDING INSPECTOR  05/2010 – 11/2012
Town of Chapel Hill, NC

  • Inspected building as frequently as necessary during the course of construction, alteration and repair to determine conformity with approved plans, requirements of codes and related regulations and bylaws.
  • Assisted property owners, contractors, and others in interpreting and explaining Zoning, North Carolina Building Code, and applicable ordinances governing residential properties.
  • Responded to complaints of dangerous buildings by inspecting and reporting dangerous conditions, evaluating the complaint and taking appropriate action based upon adopted codes, city ordinances, and state laws.
  • Maintained records and prepares reports of inspections covering items such as the type and extent of deficiencies, actions taken, and recommendations made for further action.
  • Consulted with other agencies as necessary for the enforcement of applicable ordinances and regulations as they may affect Building and Zoning.
  • Insured that each aspect of building construction, alteration, or repair is in compliance with applicable building, plumbing and energy code regulations and approved building plans.
  • Participated in pre-construction conferences with contractors, other county departments, and owners, providing advice and interpretation of building, mechanical, plumbing, energy and related code issues.

Town of Apex, NC

  • Enforced compliance with City regulations and ordinances including those pertaining to zoning, land use, nuisance housing, building codes, health and safety, blight, graffiti, water waste, and other matters of public concern.
  • Responded to citizen complaints and reports from other agencies and departments on alleged violations of City zoning and related municipal codes and ordinances.
  • Researched property ownership, land characteristics, occupancy status, and approved land uses utilizing internal and external data systems, internet resources and the County Sheriff’s information systems and staff.
  • Initiated educational programs to abate violations related to zoning ordinances, building codes, housing codes, public nuisances, property maintenance, abandoned vehicles, animals, and license regulations.
  • Conducted regulatory compliance inspections pertaining to various City and State codes and issues notices of violation and/or citations.
  • Prepared citations, violations and other notices that outline proper repair, correction methods, time limits, permits and al necessary remedial work required.

City of Greensboro, NC

  • Patrolled assigned area in a City vehicle to identify and evaluate problem areas and/or ordinance violations, and determined proper method to resolve violations.
  • Interpreted codes and regulations, including applicable municipal codes, zoning ordinances, building codes, state housing, health and safety, relocation regulations, and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administrative requirements.
  • Established educational programs designed to advise property owners on the requirements for compliance and processes and procedures for obtaining compliance permits.
  • Generated statistical reports for executive staff and City Council inquiries regarding zoning, land use complaints, vehicle abatement, mobile park enforcement programs and other public nuisance code violations.
  • Strengthened the relationship between the City of Greensboro and the general public by demonstrating and advocating cooperative behavior when interacting with visitors, the public and City staff and responds to personnel complaints.

ZONING INSPECTOR 10/2001 – 05/2004
City of Wilmington, NC

  • Directed staff in the development, implementation, review and revision of the Town’s zoning ordinances and comprehensive plan and special assignments.
  • Ensured that all the specification for the rezones and zoning units are adhered to and monitored it on a regular basis.
  • Administered the Zoning ordinances and conducted investigations against those who violate the regulations.
  • Developed recommendations regarding zoning and other ordinance amendments, zoning permit fee structures; enforced the property Maintenance Code for property violations.
  • Attended Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings, to report on zoning issues and advise on issues related to zoning administration.

County of Lincoln, NC

  • Administered the permits by collecting the necessary fees and ensuring that the zoning permits are met with the required standards.
  • Developed recommendations regarding zoning and other ordinance amendments, zoning permit fee structures, and zoning forms; proposed solutions to any problem encountered in administering township ordinances.
  • Provided the appropriate land-use permit when all provisions of the Ordinance are in compliance and maintains a complete file of permits issued.
  • Attended professional schools, seminars and/or conferences at least twice a year to stay up-to-date on laws, zoning trends, and other information pertinent to ordinance administration.
  • Coordinated with the other department and carried field inspection to ensure that it is in accordance to the town regulations and then issued a permit if satisfactory.

INSPECTION ASSISTANT  06/1999 – 09/2001
Randolph County, NC

  • Provided assistance and support to the Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Economic Development Departments and occasionally other departments as necessary.
  • Assisted with statutory clerk-treasurer functions including meeting minutes, elections, licenses, property assessment and tax roll preparation, tax collection, and finance.
  • Coordinated the building, plumbing, electrical, and zoning permit process with the Building-Plumbing Inspector, Electrical Inspector, and Zoning Administrator.
  • Prepared a variety of documents including general correspondence, agendas, City Council briefings, and reports.


Bachelor Degree in Construction and Building Technology
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
1994 – 1997

Associate Degree in Civil Engineering
Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC
1992 – 1994

Certified Building Inspector 2008
Certified Plans Examiner 2003
International Code Council (ICC) Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector Certificate         2004

Active Member, National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers
Board Member, American Society of Home Inspectors
Fund Raiser and Volunteer, North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation