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Government vs. Private Sector Interviews

There are notable differences between a government interview and a private sector interview.  Here are some major differences between the two.

Government Interviews Private Sector Interviews
The duration of the hiring process can be lengthy. The time taken to complete interviews and hire a prospective candidate can be short if the right candidate is found quickly.
The job postings are posted on the US government job portals. Here the corporate job openings are posted on major private job portals.
Screening resumes and finalizing potential candidates to be interviewed are done only after receiving all applications. Screening and finalizing candidates happens as soon as the hiring team receives applications.
Applicants will not be considered further if they do not fulfill the posted job requirement including education and qualifications. Applicants will be considered even if there profile closely matches the job requirement.
Once the position is filled by a potential candidate, the government agencies notify all applicants about the job status. Applicants are not notified about the job status as soon as the job is filled.


Learn how to prepare for a government interview is one of the most important aspects of an interview. 


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