Horticulture Jobs
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Unique Government Jobs: Horticulture Jobs

Public sector jobs are not synonymous with sitting in an office. There are positions in the public sector where employees rarely step foot inside an office. An Horticulturist holds one of those positions.

Horticulturist are people who have advanced knowledge of flowers, trees, shrubs and grass. Often they cultivate and maintain gardens. In the public sector they may be responsible for the layout and vegetation of city parks, or ensuring that city trees are healthy and free of blights.

Since Horticulture is a science, a degree in Horticulture or Botany is usually a requirement. The average salary ranges from $40,000 to $55,00 depending on any specialties

Horticulturist Job Duties:

Horticulturist develops maintenance, planting and growing schedules.  Organizes plants according to seeding and planting dates; propagates trees, shrubs, flowers, and indoor plants.

Plants, transplants, and prunes trees and shrubs; mows, waters, and fertilizes turf; applies herbicides and fungicides to turf. Involved in the construction and maintenance of greenhouses.  Designs, installs, and repairs irrigation systems. Directs seasonal workers in landscape maintenance.

Provides expertise in horticulture and preservation maintenance regarding cultural landscape management.

Horticulture Education:

Knowledge acquired through an accredited degree program in horticulture or a related field with an understanding of allied fields such as landscape architecture, plant pathology, entomology, soil science, archeology, and botany to participate with project reviews, assist with contract supervision, and provide technical assistance and information.

Participates in providing direction on historic preservation philosophy and practice as they apply to significant biotic resources.

Designing and conducting a variety of practical experiments, monitoring results, analyzing data, and defining procedures in order to develop innovative techniques and methods necessary to solve site-specific problems in support of cultural landscape preservation maintenance.

Prepare reports, plans, specifications, and cost estimates to support planning for cultural landscape preservation based on landscape assessments, cultural landscape reports, field investigations, and data analysis.

Coordinate, and implement landscape treatment and maintenance recommendations and projects including contract management.

Implement landscape maintenance programs including site-specific preservation maintenance guidelines, calendars, and procedures.

Coordinate field inspections, reports, plans, specifications, and cost estimates to support landscape preservation maintenance operations.

Evaluate the impact of park operations, visitor use, environmental conditions, site construction and alterations, and maintenance practices on cultural landscape resources.

Horticulture Associations:

American Horticultural Society

Association of Zoological Horticulture

American Horticultural Therapy Association

American Society for Horticultural Science



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